9 Tips to Making Friends at Conferences


Recently, I had a great time at Blogworld New York 2012. I made some new online and offline friends. This picture is of two new friends: Mitzi Eaker of Mitzi Jane Media and Scott Jacobs of Democast Media. I am in the middle.  We had the pleasure of enjoying a meal at Junior’s Restaurant in New York City, New York along with a special yummy dessert of original cheesecake with strawberries on top.

It made me think how making friends at conferences is a little different than in normal time due to the time restraints.  I am still learning but here are 9 tips after going to a number of conferences which are hopefully helpful to you.

1.  If you want to meet someone, do it as soon as possible.  Time goes by fast, you can miss the opportunity and time may get away from you.  This has happened to me a number of times.  Just do it!

2.  For some people, you are going to have to wait in line for.  This one is hard for me because I think that you will just catch them later but there is always a line or you miss out.

3.  Take a risk of rejection.  Noone likes rejection but if there is a saying, “No risk, no reward.”  It applies here.  You need to leave your shyness at home.

4.  Introduce yourself to others and find out their name.

5.  Listen to others and ask questions to gather information about them.

6.  Have fun with getting to know others.  Don’t take yourself so seriously!

7.  Invite others instead of waiting for an invitation.  This is a big one.  If your invitation is rejected, don’t get too disappointed or go back into a shell and never try again.  You may need to adjust the invitation to fit their needs.  It may not be about you.

8.  Don’t ask for too many favors from a newly acquired friend.

9.  Protect your reputation and don’t over drink alcohol.

Relationships and friendships are sometimes built over time by being aware of someone and getting to know them over several conferences can happen which is ok too.  Just remember to stretch your socializing muscles, they can help you make some new friends.

Do you have anything to add to making friends at conferences?

2012 Hope Live Love

This year is a new start.  I have been thinking about my three words.  Now last year in 2011, I wanted to work on my health and weight.  These areas are still priorities.

My three words for 2012 came to my mind and I am trusting with these three words everything else falls into place in my life.  My three words are hope, live, and love.

Hope is for the future and great things will be happening for everyone.  Hope changes and carries them through.  When you have hope, you can take the next step when you have vision.  Hope will keep the vision alive.  Hope carried from last year into this year on health and weight issues.

You may be surprised by my word live.  During my life, I have seen many people exist but they were not really living life to the fullest.  Living to me is having a full life with everything you do.  You have a productive, joyful, purposeful, and fun life.  A life you look forward to.  You wake up early because you are excited that you get to live another day on this beautiful earth.

If I had to pick just one word, it would be love.  You break through barriers to get to the other side and bringing love along the way.  You let go of negative feelings and working on positive feelings of love.  With love in your heart, you care and want others to thrive too.  The world needs more love and positive influence.  Hopefully, I provide a positive beacon of light in the world which causes others flames to brighten so they live their life to the fullest, happiest, productive, and fun filled life.  A tall order comes from love.

Hope, live, and love are three powerful words.  In putting them into action, my hope, life, and positive feelings will carry me wherever I go with the attitude that I want to live.

Do you see how these three words will work?


I love colors and use them in my writing or blogging to bring out more thought and feeling.  Do you see the reflection?

Lately, I noticed people reflecting back on this year.  With reflection, you really take a look on how the year went with your plans vs. reality which is really what happened.  Plans change which can be a good thing through growth.

There is a reflection in someone’s face when you meet or talk to them.  An expression in someone’s face tells a thousand words.  Do you agree?  Your writing is a reflection of you too.  What if you opened up and people were surprised with your reflection?  Maybe, you surprised yourself too.  I believe this year showed this scenario to me!

You think about what this year bought to you.  Reflect.  I will reflect too.  If you want to live your life to the fullest, make plans but you stay flexible enough to leave the door open to life as it changes.  You reflect of how much control which we would all like to think that we have on our lives.

One thing, I have really learned this year.  For every action, there is a reaction.  My daddy and mama had a saying.  They said, “You can do only the best that you can do.”  They wanted me to do my best but when I failed or didn’t reach perfection, I would accept myself.  In accepting yourself, you open up to others.

I hope that you beam with enthusiasm and a great attitude for the coming year.  I going to continue working on myself and my business too.  What is your reflection for the year?

Your Smile is Amazing! :)

Your smile is amazing!  :)

You have sparkles in your eyes!  :)
Your attitude is positive!
You make a difference in many lives!  :)
You look outward!  :)
Noone could replace you!
You are you!  :)
It is simply as that!
The world has a gift!  :)
There is no denying!
The happiness is apparent!
Your song is only yours to sing.
We love what you bring!  :)
The world is better with you!  :)
Thank you!!!!!!!  :)


When I attended Blog World in Los Angeles, California in the first part of November, just one of the highlights of the conference was learning about blogchat.

Blogchat is a group talking about blogging which is moderated by Mack Collier.  Currently, the discussion uses a hashtag.  For those who don’t know, a hashtag is used in a social networking web site with a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark (#) used within a message to identify a key word or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.  For example, for the blogchat, we used #blogchat.

At the conference, I got to meet the moderator, Mack Collier and others.  We had a live blogchat but recorded our thoughts by using the hashtag #blogchat on twitter.  Blogchat is a great group discussing issues concerning the state of blogging.

Each week, a topic is chosen to focus the discussion.  This week the conversation centered on the topic of companies letting their employees tell their stories via blogging.

I was just wondering.  Wouldn’t blogchat be much easier be done on Google+ by Mack Collier and have the discussion in one column where everyone is joining in the discussion?

Maybe if you tried some hashtag discussions, we could see if a better flow of words, warmer feelings, easier to keep up with, and continuity of thought could happen.  Just wondering if you would consider this kind of thing for Google+?  If so, what are your ideas on blogchat?

Social Networking

In business, social networking can be a key part in the human connection. You expand your influence and get acquainted with new people. You know what to do!

Recently in attending a social networking event, I heard people talking about getting past their comfort zone to meet new people.  With your friends, it is easier to talk to them.  You know that you have already established the human connection.  You don’t worry so much about the fear of rejection.

If you take the risk of trying to make new friends, your life can be possibly be further enriched through the new connection.  It is like an athlete sometimes pushing themselves.  It takes practice and continuing to push through.

You know what to do!   You have been successful at it!  You have to remind yourself at times of the fact at least I do.  It is like a muscle.  The more you use the muscle; the stronger it gets.  You know what to do!  You have been successful at it!  Congratulations!

Now go back out there and stretch those social networking muscles!  You know what to do!  :)

Your thoughts on your latest successes on social networking?

Action Hero Drops Hearts Not Bombs

A hero does not have to be perfect.  The better you can be is great and strive to be better!  :)

The most important things are of the heart with being warm and caring!  :)

Your thoughts?



Life brings to us roads to follow.  Recently, I got the pleasure to meet some great people from the social media world through two different conferences:  WordCamp Albuquerque and 140 Characters Conference Small Town.


You will find that they are people who are seeking better lives for themselves, their families, and communities.  People who have vision and see their contribution can make a difference.  They came from all walks of life but yet they felt a kinship with each other.  I was amazed with the dedication and effort which was given to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


On a daily basis, there are stories in the news which could cause us to lose sight of the goodness in people’s hearts.  Events like these can be reminders that there are many people who are quietly carrying out their work to make the world a better place.


Your journey influences others.  In keeping a collective sight for a better future for the generations to follow, it brings the positiveness back to the forefront.  At times, you may struggle with the every day schedule.  Just remember, you can make a difference in this world.  Don’t forget that!

Your thoughts?

Summer is Over

On Labor Day Weekend, your thoughts start turning to the fall and hopes for cooler weather.  The kids start back to school and a new routine sets in.  If you don’t have children at home, you are still aware that it is a pivotal point in the community’s life.

Humans do best with a routine. Don’t they?  If you don’t have one, you questioned each day what is next.  It is putting one foot in front of the other that you get where you want to go.

It is planning our lives and putting items on the calendar that you know what you will do in the future.  In the fall, you start thinking about conferences coming up.  I have too.

I hope to be meeting some of you at some future conferences.  I have plans to work further on my website or my home base so to speak.  I hope to meet some knowledgeable people who can help me further my journey in this area.

I know I learn each day from you.  In life, it is about learning from each other.  You enrich me.  I appreciate you for the chance to do that.  Today, I just want to show some gratitude to you.  Thank you!  :)

Your plans?