Why One Bad Apple Counts


Here is a bag of apples, my favorite thing for breakfast. This apple fruit is great for me! I love good apples! They add up for my good health! Here is where the story changes.


One bad apple can spoil all the other good apples if it stays too long with the other apples.

What did I do?

I took the bad apple out of my bag of good apples to try to keep the others from spoiling. This is the way nature works!

Moral of the Story

In people language, one person given a big voice can affect others attitude. Then it multiples over and over again.


OK, nature produces unfairness granted. Then you work from where you are and build! Builders work from a solid foundation then if this is your problem start over.

BE the change YOU want to see in the world!

Because your attitude counts which affects mine even if I am working really hard for it not to, especially if I care!

What do you want for the future? What impact do you want to see?

Parenting, Networking, and Business

This is a picture of the Free People Store in Kansas City, Missouri.


It is a women’s clothing boutique where you can buy women’s apparel, accessories, and shoes.  This picture was taken on March 31, 2012 on the week the new store opened in Kansas City, Missouri.


My daughter, Rebecca, had the privilege of opening the new store as the store manager. The above picture is an inside shot of the beautiful new Free People store.

I am really proud of my daughter, Rebecca. She turned a passion of hers for trendy clothes and working with people into a career. As a parent, I use to give her a monthly clothing allowance to buy her clothing. She learned to buy trendy stylish clothes, shop sales, and live within her budget.

Rebecca got the job by education, previous experience, networking, and applying for the job. She researched what the store and the brand was about. She talked and networked with people within the company. I believe this is the way many people are getting the jobs now.

Here is a picture of Rebecca on the left side.


Rebecca worked hard to build a team. She mentored Emma and the others in the new store. Emma is now the new store manager.

Rebecca has been promoted as the store manager and moved to the even larger Free People store in Chicago, Illinois to take on more responsibility.

I am a proud mother of my daughter, Rebecca, who took a passion and built it into a career. She has learned responsibility, networking, mentoring, and building a strong team. She has learned to handle herself in business, built management, and leadership skills.

And you say?

A Symbol

On Christmas Eve, my son gave me this pictured present.  It says, “Home is where your story begins.”  What a beautiful present!  As a mom, I was very proud to receive it.  I found myself thankful for a thoughtful and kind present.  I found the gift a symbol of love towards me.

In my continued reflection for this year, I am looking back on my year.  The symbol, my son gave me reminds me clearly what he thinks.  Everything begins at home.  What a sobering thought!

Your home base is where you start and end your day.  For children their home base are their parents and where they start their life.

What does this writing mean for you?  In your reflection, you look at your past, present, and future.  In your past, where did you come from?  You had a different beginning than me.  Does the history make a difference?  Yes, your start made a difference in your life.

Where do you begin now?  Today.  You have today and not yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Is yesterday clear in your mind?  Yesterday is gone.

Where does that leave you?  Today.  Today.  Today.  For me absolutely, there are memories.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  You let go of yesterday!

Today is here.  Is your home base where and how you want to be?  If it is, then you build from there.  If it is not, build or rebuild what you are going to be happy with.

Life goes fast or even slow.  Home begins with you.  Today.  You reflect on your life today.

For me, my plan for my life will be positive, rewarding, and full of joy. Every day.  Every day.  Every day.

What does that mean?  To have a plan, where you keep your goals in mind.  It is the start that you have for next year.

This writing started with a symbol but today will start with a plan which reflects how my life will be.  Who determines the plan?  Me.  How to get to my plan?  Reflection.  How do you get to your plan?  Reflection.  For me, my home base will be a positive force for the future because the past is gone.

Do your plans reflect how you want your life to be?