Uniqueness and Teachers

Uniqueness is a quality which trumps sameness.

Teachers who care, love, and want to make a difference for independent thinking for children are so important in this world.

You can subscribed to Milken Educator Profile on YouTube and they tweet on tweeter at @MilkenInstitute.  They recognize outstanding teachers with awards.  It gives them a pat on back and well deserved praise for the hard work that they do everyday in the classroom.

Children are our future.  Investing in them for a better world will produce long-term dividends.  Our children gifted the legacy of independent thinking.  Letting them know it is OK to come up with different ways of thinking.  With the correct parental guidance, kids’ potential could stagger the outcome for the changing world.

It is paramount that our teachers and children are supported in learning innovations which will impact their future careers, businesses, and family lives.

Your ideas on uniqueness and teachers?


Your Life is a Dance

by Marilyn Hight

You dip to the right,

and you dip to the left.

The music and voices in the background can hold your eyes and ears,

but you have a dance of your own.

You have discovered your talent.

You can hear the many voices and music,

but you have your own unique, individual, voice, and melody.

You have graced us here.

For when you got the right blend and balance,

your body is in tune.

You feel it,

know it,

and show it.

Oh, if only you can keep the secret formula bottled up.

It could be a lasting legacy of your life.

You can be written in the history books.

You danced to your own tune,

but it was in perfect harmony with the universe.