Weight Loss Goal Reached

At the beginning of 2011, I made a new year’s resolution to lose weight.  I was especially pushed towards the goal when Jack Lalanne died on January 23, 2011 at the age of 96.  Also my cardiologist put me on a treadmill as a routine check on my heart.  Just the thought of going through any heart disease surgery or treatment confirmed my determination to lose weight.

My focus was to eat more of a diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken, and nuts.  If I went out to eat my focus was to be choosy and eat about half of what was served.  The rest of the food would be put into a to go box for another meal.  A lot of my meals were simply prepared at home.  For lunch a lot of times, I would have a can of tuna with light salad dressing, some fresh fruits and vegetables.

I avoided milk and wheat products.  I drank soy milk for a milk substitute.  For breakfast instead of cereal, I ate an apple and/or additional fruit.  I found nuts were too many calories and eventually pretty much eliminated them.

Yes, I exercised by walking but I could do better in this exercise area.

I lost for the year about 32 pounds which made me feel successful for the year in my goal.  I can definitely tell a difference just walking around how much the extra weight added because I feel lighter.

My goal for next year in this area is to continue watching what I eat and exercise more.  I have more that I would like to lose but I made a significant change.  I really haven’t discussed too much publicly but my hope since others struggle with this problem to let them in on my secrets of weight loss.  Determination is a big part but eating the right foods makes a big difference.  Avoiding high carbohydrates such as cake, cookies, chips, and soda are important.  I did drink diet soda.

Do you feel any of this information could be helpful to you?

Be Happy Make Happy

Happiness starts with you.  You got to be happy to make happiness.  Does it make sense?  Let’s say a store’s shelf is empty.  Can the customer be happy?  No.

Customers expect to see, feel, touch, and own products.  Business operates through having product(s) which customers want to buy.  First, the store is built.  The store gets decorated, stocked, and filled.  Then the grand opening scheduled and advertised.  Customers anticipate opening.  Doors are open.  Bam!  Business begins!  This story is about a so call brick and mortar business.

Now, there are options to have a web site and follow a similar pattern as above but instead establish an online presence.  Will we ever get away from having both kind of presence?  I expect not any time soon.

What has become apparent?  So called brick and mortar businesses need more than ever an online presence with mobile capabilities due to the ever changing way people shop.

Busy people are doing more and more shopping online to meet their need to shop so to be happy, shelves need to be filled, displayed, and grand opening announced in an online presence to be happy and make the customer happy!  Without an web presence, part of the equation of business can be missed opportunities.

Online business is a great option because the trend of buying is online.

To be happy and make happiness, business fills the shelves and customers come to buy.  Business has been established on this principle and I don’t expect a change in this area.

With more mobile use, online shopping is affected and web site design needs adjustment.  A lot of online businesses need to prepare for this change or they will miss the boat so to speak.

Do you agree, what do you think, and beyond?