Parenting, Networking, and Business

This is a picture of the Free People Store in Kansas City, Missouri.


It is a women’s clothing boutique where you can buy women’s apparel, accessories, and shoes.  This picture was taken on March 31, 2012 on the week the new store opened in Kansas City, Missouri.


My daughter, Rebecca, had the privilege of opening the new store as the store manager. The above picture is an inside shot of the beautiful new Free People store.

I am really proud of my daughter, Rebecca. She turned a passion of hers for trendy clothes and working with people into a career. As a parent, I use to give her a monthly clothing allowance to buy her clothing. She learned to buy trendy stylish clothes, shop sales, and live within her budget.

Rebecca got the job by education, previous experience, networking, and applying for the job. She researched what the store and the brand was about. She talked and networked with people within the company. I believe this is the way many people are getting the jobs now.

Here is a picture of Rebecca on the left side.


Rebecca worked hard to build a team. She mentored Emma and the others in the new store. Emma is now the new store manager.

Rebecca has been promoted as the store manager and moved to the even larger Free People store in Chicago, Illinois to take on more responsibility.

I am a proud mother of my daughter, Rebecca, who took a passion and built it into a career. She has learned responsibility, networking, mentoring, and building a strong team. She has learned to handle herself in business, built management, and leadership skills.

And you say?

Dream Realizer Bucket List


What is on your bucket list?  One thing on my bucket list is to see a broadway play in New York City, New York.

I joined a couple of friends to celebrate one of their birthdays.  My birthday friend on her bucket list wants to learn to play golf and become a certified Master Gardener.


Please dream a little here with me.  You think about what you want to do.  Then you decide how you are going to make it happen.  What time frame are you going to put on your dream?  Dreams come true by realizing them then by setting concrete plans and time frames on your goals.

You may luck into seeing one of your favorite celebrities, singers, or personalities by just being in the right place at the right time though usually this does not happen often.  I have a friend who loves the singer and performer, Ricky Martin.  We were in New York City, New York in Times Square and heard that he was coming out after a performance.  Here is the video of Ricky Martin.  You can hear the adoring scream, “Ricky, I love you!” A dream was realized to see Ricky Martin here!  :)

I have given you some ideas of what other people have on their bucket list to realize their dreams.  What are your dreams on your bucket list?  How are you going to realize those dreams?  Your thoughts?

Weight Loss Goal Reached

At the beginning of 2011, I made a new year’s resolution to lose weight.  I was especially pushed towards the goal when Jack Lalanne died on January 23, 2011 at the age of 96.  Also my cardiologist put me on a treadmill as a routine check on my heart.  Just the thought of going through any heart disease surgery or treatment confirmed my determination to lose weight.

My focus was to eat more of a diet rich in fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, chicken, and nuts.  If I went out to eat my focus was to be choosy and eat about half of what was served.  The rest of the food would be put into a to go box for another meal.  A lot of my meals were simply prepared at home.  For lunch a lot of times, I would have a can of tuna with light salad dressing, some fresh fruits and vegetables.

I avoided milk and wheat products.  I drank soy milk for a milk substitute.  For breakfast instead of cereal, I ate an apple and/or additional fruit.  I found nuts were too many calories and eventually pretty much eliminated them.

Yes, I exercised by walking but I could do better in this exercise area.

I lost for the year about 32 pounds which made me feel successful for the year in my goal.  I can definitely tell a difference just walking around how much the extra weight added because I feel lighter.

My goal for next year in this area is to continue watching what I eat and exercise more.  I have more that I would like to lose but I made a significant change.  I really haven’t discussed too much publicly but my hope since others struggle with this problem to let them in on my secrets of weight loss.  Determination is a big part but eating the right foods makes a big difference.  Avoiding high carbohydrates such as cake, cookies, chips, and soda are important.  I did drink diet soda.

Do you feel any of this information could be helpful to you?

Looking for the Positive

Often you are taught critical thinking which means to be able to decipher when something is NOT right.  You need to be able to know when something needs to change so decisions and actions turn a situation around.  I believe it is a necessary survival trait which is taught or learned out of necessity.  It is like gages which keep you on alert for issues as they arise.

Sometimes your gages get stuck or need recalibrating.  Perhaps after an over exposure from someone or even critical thinking can be a defense to guard your own ego to protect yourself.  In other words, people get into unhealthy habits of criticizing others or even themselves.


Recalibrate our inner gages and change old habits into new positive behavior and influence.


An individual needs to be motivated to change.  If you are and take steps to make the change then you reset your gages to a healthier more productive life and relationships.  You start looking more what is right in your relationships and elevating others.

Do you have some influences or relationships which need recalibrating?