9 Tips to Making Friends at Conferences


Recently, I had a great time at Blogworld New York 2012. I made some new online and offline friends. This picture is of two new friends: Mitzi Eaker of Mitzi Jane Media and Scott Jacobs of Democast Media. I am in the middle.  We had the pleasure of enjoying a meal at Junior’s Restaurant in New York City, New York along with a special yummy dessert of original cheesecake with strawberries on top.

It made me think how making friends at conferences is a little different than in normal time due to the time restraints.  I am still learning but here are 9 tips after going to a number of conferences which are hopefully helpful to you.

1.  If you want to meet someone, do it as soon as possible.  Time goes by fast, you can miss the opportunity and time may get away from you.  This has happened to me a number of times.  Just do it!

2.  For some people, you are going to have to wait in line for.  This one is hard for me because I think that you will just catch them later but there is always a line or you miss out.

3.  Take a risk of rejection.  Noone likes rejection but if there is a saying, “No risk, no reward.”  It applies here.  You need to leave your shyness at home.

4.  Introduce yourself to others and find out their name.

5.  Listen to others and ask questions to gather information about them.

6.  Have fun with getting to know others.  Don’t take yourself so seriously!

7.  Invite others instead of waiting for an invitation.  This is a big one.  If your invitation is rejected, don’t get too disappointed or go back into a shell and never try again.  You may need to adjust the invitation to fit their needs.  It may not be about you.

8.  Don’t ask for too many favors from a newly acquired friend.

9.  Protect your reputation and don’t over drink alcohol.

Relationships and friendships are sometimes built over time by being aware of someone and getting to know them over several conferences can happen which is ok too.  Just remember to stretch your socializing muscles, they can help you make some new friends.

Do you have anything to add to making friends at conferences?

Social Networking

In business, social networking can be a key part in the human connection. You expand your influence and get acquainted with new people. You know what to do!

Recently in attending a social networking event, I heard people talking about getting past their comfort zone to meet new people.  With your friends, it is easier to talk to them.  You know that you have already established the human connection.  You don’t worry so much about the fear of rejection.

If you take the risk of trying to make new friends, your life can be possibly be further enriched through the new connection.  It is like an athlete sometimes pushing themselves.  It takes practice and continuing to push through.

You know what to do!   You have been successful at it!  You have to remind yourself at times of the fact at least I do.  It is like a muscle.  The more you use the muscle; the stronger it gets.  You know what to do!  You have been successful at it!  Congratulations!

Now go back out there and stretch those social networking muscles!  You know what to do!  :)

Your thoughts on your latest successes on social networking?