Little Things Change the World


This picture was taken out my hotel room at The Marmara Manhattan early last Sunday morning before the seas of people, taxis, and cars hit the streets of New York City, New York.  I decided to walk to church on Sunday.  When I went down into the lobby of the hotel, I was greeted with a cheerful, “Good morning!” which I returned back.  The doorman opened the door for me and greeted me with, “Good morning!”  Then I thought about how those two greetings made me feel better.  This subject had been on my mind.  In my daily commitment of walking 45 minutes a day in Oklahoma, I had practiced greeting people when I passed them on my path.  Then a man sitting on a New York City street said to me, “Good morning!”  “Wow!”, I thought.  This question came to my mind, “What is up with New York City today!?”  In my past walks on the streets of New York City, there were no greetings at all.

Then I decided to do a test of 10 people on the streets of New York City and greet them with “Good morning”.  My assumption was the return greetings would be low.  To my surprise, 9 out of 10 people said good morning back.  Wow!  My prediction would have been much lower.  Then I stopped saying the greetings myself.  I received no greetings until I went into the church.  Two people greeted me with “Good morning” and gave me the books for the church services.  Again, the greetings gave me great feelings.

During the sermon from the priest, he talked about how small things can make a big difference in the world.  Then to my surprise, he asked if there were any visitors in the church.  I raised my hand.  He asked my name and where I was from.  This does not usually happen in Oklahoma where I attend church.  Then after church, he again spoke to me and talked to me further.

Why am I telling you this story?  Do you want to change the world?  You can start with a friendly greeting, smile, talk, and make someone’s day happier in your relationships, personal life, community, and business.  By the way, you have a great day!  :)

Do you have anything to add?

Differences of Opinion

Everyone has their own opinion about this or that!  I will give you two examples and you decide for yourself on what you think!  Isn’t that how we form an opinion by examining something and deciding for ourselves?


The above picture is of a QR code for a photographer which definitely got my attention! Luckily, I wasn’t in a car and instead walking in New York City! :) Now I have heard Chris Brogan talk about QR codes on billboards and hoping that they weren’t for a car insurance company. Now I didn’t scan this QR code in on my mobile device either. In the lower corner of the QR code, it shows photography by Kenneth Willardt and signed in the bottom right corner. How effective is this QR code use? What if everyone used their own QR code on a billboard?


Here is a picture of Chris Brogan giving his keynote at the Silverpop Conference 2012 where he talks about QR codes and how there are dumb questions! He talked about a lot of interesting things to include e-mail systems, QR codes, growing bigger ears with listening tools such as Tracker, Radian6, and Spiral16. He said that it was the first time talking about his new book which he had been working on which has the impact theory in it.


Here is Marty Coleman at Blogworld and New Media Expo New York 2012. He is known on twitter as @thenapkindad. He gave a presentation on “Overcoming Content Procrastination Start to Finish”. He draws art on napkins. He showed us his art that said, “Asking dumb questions is easier than correcting dumb mistakes”.


My point is that you get conflicting ideas but you have to process the ideas and decide your own thoughts.  By the way, I was very impressed with both Chris Brogan’s and Marty Coleman’s presentations and respect them for their opinions.

My question for you is: Should the photographer asked if it was dumb to use a QR code on the streets of New York City? :)

2012 Hope Live Love

This year is a new start.  I have been thinking about my three words.  Now last year in 2011, I wanted to work on my health and weight.  These areas are still priorities.

My three words for 2012 came to my mind and I am trusting with these three words everything else falls into place in my life.  My three words are hope, live, and love.

Hope is for the future and great things will be happening for everyone.  Hope changes and carries them through.  When you have hope, you can take the next step when you have vision.  Hope will keep the vision alive.  Hope carried from last year into this year on health and weight issues.

You may be surprised by my word live.  During my life, I have seen many people exist but they were not really living life to the fullest.  Living to me is having a full life with everything you do.  You have a productive, joyful, purposeful, and fun life.  A life you look forward to.  You wake up early because you are excited that you get to live another day on this beautiful earth.

If I had to pick just one word, it would be love.  You break through barriers to get to the other side and bringing love along the way.  You let go of negative feelings and working on positive feelings of love.  With love in your heart, you care and want others to thrive too.  The world needs more love and positive influence.  Hopefully, I provide a positive beacon of light in the world which causes others flames to brighten so they live their life to the fullest, happiest, productive, and fun filled life.  A tall order comes from love.

Hope, live, and love are three powerful words.  In putting them into action, my hope, life, and positive feelings will carry me wherever I go with the attitude that I want to live.

Do you see how these three words will work?

A Symbol

On Christmas Eve, my son gave me this pictured present.  It says, “Home is where your story begins.”  What a beautiful present!  As a mom, I was very proud to receive it.  I found myself thankful for a thoughtful and kind present.  I found the gift a symbol of love towards me.

In my continued reflection for this year, I am looking back on my year.  The symbol, my son gave me reminds me clearly what he thinks.  Everything begins at home.  What a sobering thought!

Your home base is where you start and end your day.  For children their home base are their parents and where they start their life.

What does this writing mean for you?  In your reflection, you look at your past, present, and future.  In your past, where did you come from?  You had a different beginning than me.  Does the history make a difference?  Yes, your start made a difference in your life.

Where do you begin now?  Today.  You have today and not yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Is yesterday clear in your mind?  Yesterday is gone.

Where does that leave you?  Today.  Today.  Today.  For me absolutely, there are memories.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  You let go of yesterday!

Today is here.  Is your home base where and how you want to be?  If it is, then you build from there.  If it is not, build or rebuild what you are going to be happy with.

Life goes fast or even slow.  Home begins with you.  Today.  You reflect on your life today.

For me, my plan for my life will be positive, rewarding, and full of joy. Every day.  Every day.  Every day.

What does that mean?  To have a plan, where you keep your goals in mind.  It is the start that you have for next year.

This writing started with a symbol but today will start with a plan which reflects how my life will be.  Who determines the plan?  Me.  How to get to my plan?  Reflection.  How do you get to your plan?  Reflection.  For me, my home base will be a positive force for the future because the past is gone.

Do your plans reflect how you want your life to be?