Looking at Goals of Performing and Writing

In performing or writing, what are your goals?  Are they to get an audience to intently listen to every note or read every word?


Are you playing or writing to practice? Perhaps, someone will notice your quality notes and give you notice. Also, will you be rewarded for your practice?


Do you call a meeting and let them listen or read? Do you hope they will just come along and reward you for your practice?


How far do you go when you have people’s attention in performing or writing? Do you stand on your head and give them a stunt which few will perform to get to your goals?

A Symbol

On Christmas Eve, my son gave me this pictured present.  It says, “Home is where your story begins.”  What a beautiful present!  As a mom, I was very proud to receive it.  I found myself thankful for a thoughtful and kind present.  I found the gift a symbol of love towards me.

In my continued reflection for this year, I am looking back on my year.  The symbol, my son gave me reminds me clearly what he thinks.  Everything begins at home.  What a sobering thought!

Your home base is where you start and end your day.  For children their home base are their parents and where they start their life.

What does this writing mean for you?  In your reflection, you look at your past, present, and future.  In your past, where did you come from?  You had a different beginning than me.  Does the history make a difference?  Yes, your start made a difference in your life.

Where do you begin now?  Today.  You have today and not yesterday.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Is yesterday clear in your mind?  Yesterday is gone.

Where does that leave you?  Today.  Today.  Today.  For me absolutely, there are memories.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  Yesterday is gone.  You let go of yesterday!

Today is here.  Is your home base where and how you want to be?  If it is, then you build from there.  If it is not, build or rebuild what you are going to be happy with.

Life goes fast or even slow.  Home begins with you.  Today.  You reflect on your life today.

For me, my plan for my life will be positive, rewarding, and full of joy. Every day.  Every day.  Every day.

What does that mean?  To have a plan, where you keep your goals in mind.  It is the start that you have for next year.

This writing started with a symbol but today will start with a plan which reflects how my life will be.  Who determines the plan?  Me.  How to get to my plan?  Reflection.  How do you get to your plan?  Reflection.  For me, my home base will be a positive force for the future because the past is gone.

Do your plans reflect how you want your life to be?


I love colors and use them in my writing or blogging to bring out more thought and feeling.  Do you see the reflection?

Lately, I noticed people reflecting back on this year.  With reflection, you really take a look on how the year went with your plans vs. reality which is really what happened.  Plans change which can be a good thing through growth.

There is a reflection in someone’s face when you meet or talk to them.  An expression in someone’s face tells a thousand words.  Do you agree?  Your writing is a reflection of you too.  What if you opened up and people were surprised with your reflection?  Maybe, you surprised yourself too.  I believe this year showed this scenario to me!

You think about what this year bought to you.  Reflect.  I will reflect too.  If you want to live your life to the fullest, make plans but you stay flexible enough to leave the door open to life as it changes.  You reflect of how much control which we would all like to think that we have on our lives.

One thing, I have really learned this year.  For every action, there is a reaction.  My daddy and mama had a saying.  They said, “You can do only the best that you can do.”  They wanted me to do my best but when I failed or didn’t reach perfection, I would accept myself.  In accepting yourself, you open up to others.

I hope that you beam with enthusiasm and a great attitude for the coming year.  I going to continue working on myself and my business too.  What is your reflection for the year?

Telling a Story

In writing, you put your thoughts out there for all to read.  You hope that they will be well received.  It is scary to be vulnerable and open up to the world.  You wonder why writers do it?  Or do you?  Do you know?  There is a story to tell.  Your story.

You need to dream!  Words on a page tell a story.  Stories you relate to hopefully.  You see into thoughts of the writer because the writer opened the door and let you in.  Can you relate?


I have come to realize that life is much better with a hope and dreams for the future.  Some days you come to be surprised and wonder.  Was it just for me?  On Tuesday, I met with some friends at a local restaurant called Murphy’s Family Grill in Midwest City, Oklahoma.  I ordered a Grilled Chicken Breast Dinner.  When I received it, I looked down and saw a grilled piece of chicken in the shape of a heart.  I thought, “Wow, just for me!?”  I felt special!  Why would they do that for me?  Thoughts went through my head……  But why?……..

Then I looked and someone else had a heart too.  At first, I was disappointed because I thought that it was just for me!  But after thinking, my heart on my plate was for me!  It was special and only for me!


Everyone wants to be special!  :)

Can you relate to this story?

Business Development and Community Engagement

There are several ways that involvement in the community bring you business and helps your business flourish.  You spotlight your business and become a beacon of light that the community looks towards.  It brings more balance into your life.

1.  Volunteer leadership can bring you exposure and free advertising to your business such as serving on a local board or chamber.  Another example, you can help a charitable organization to reach their goals.

2.  Sponsoring activities and events can bring your business in front of the community.  It can bring your business to the top of the community’s mind when they are making decisions.

3.  Getting involved with your local legislature. You can call, visit, or write them to discuss ways to make changes to help business flourish in your community.  You can even get involved in selecting the right people to run and get elected.

4.  Setting up educational seminars or lectures and writing blogs to provide valuable information to help them make decisions.

5.  Exposure through social networking and media brings your business to people’s minds.

Your involvement in the community provides ways for improvement and growth for it.  Your business development grows with your involvement in the community.  Together, you have a winning combination.

Your thoughts?

Love of Writing Begins with Reading

Children starting back to school reminds me of the importance of their education and especially reading to your children when they are small.  My son, Bryan, is pictured in the middle graduating from kindergarten.  The cute blonde hair kid shocked Mrs. Mathews, his teacher, because he knew how to read when he entered first grade.

He grew up and advises me on writing now.  He helps me edit, discusses my stories, and gives me tips for improvement.  I read to him when he was a baby.  It nutured his love of reading which he reminded me recently.

Next he grew to love to read comic books.  On vacations and local trips, we made it a priority to hit every comic book store in existence.

My mother sewed him a cape similar to his favorite comic book character, Superman.  He wore it with excitement.  He leaped tall couches and flew everywhere.

Bryan conquered English and along the way showed a gift for writing.  He became the editor of the newspapers at his high school and university.  He grew to be a professional writer.

Reading to your children is vitally important as soon as they are born to instill a love of reading.  It will help them in all other aspects of school.

Do you have any ideas on reading?